President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak



The Age we are living in at the moment is an Age with a particular characteristic, compared with other Ages, and this characteristic has been revealed to our Planet gradually since the year 1900.

Our World is a Planet which is subject to the Evolution program. And in this last Age, this aged World together with all creation it sustains on it has entered an Accelerated Evolution zone.

While the cosmic currents develop the human being who is Conscious in a positive way, unfortunately some Consciousnesses, who are as yet on different scales of the Evolution ladders, are causing negative events to be exhibited.

While, for this reason, our World is exhibiting at the moment a tableau where good and evil live together, it is also experiencing its Last Judgment. And in no other period our World had ever longed for Peace and Friendship as much as it has in this last Age.

We have, therefore, gathered here under this beautiful roof. The Human Being who has attained consciousness, as the Master of the World, in his efforts to Save and Protect it, is calling All of Humanity to Peace - Friendship - Unification. This is a Universal Movement.

Our World has gradually begun to grasp the Truth. The Human Being of the World, who has been Unconsciously destroying the Planet he is living on, therefore has begun paying his dues to his World, by standing as its protector.

Numerous Associations and Foundations have been established on our Planet in different fields of study through the Unifications of the same Consciousness Coordinates on this path. Today the Single call of All Organizations who serve on the path of Humanity is Love - Tolerance - Peace and Brotherhood.

We, too, are a Universal Group carrying out our humane efforts in the direction of our own views in a Conscious way under this umbrella as the World Brotherhood Union Universal Unification Center Association and the World Brotherhood Union Mevlâna Supreme Foundation.

At the moment we have set out on the path as one of the mosaics which will complete the perfect World Paneau of the morrows, in order to Embrace our other Brothers and Sisters who will complete the other mosaics.

By greeting each other every year on November 1, with our Brothers and Sisters, who are serving only in the direction of humane Views and Feelings in the Turkey of Atatürk, which is a country with a mission, and in our World, we wish to jointly complete the beautiful World Paneau of the morrows without Wars - full of Love and Peace.

The invariable Slogan of our operations, which we are modestly taking into effect this year on November 1, 1995 is “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”.

In this way, We, as the World Brotherhood Union, wish to take into effect our operations on this path as well as we can, until Public Institutions come into effect which will claim Ownership of this call of ours in the morrows by making it attain Universality, like April 23.

We, who receive our Faith from our Allah, Our Belief from our Supreme Ancestor Atatürk, believe from the heart that the beautiful sun of the morrows will shine brightly on the horizon of the World, and we Love all of Humanity as a Whole with its good and bad aspects.

For, according to Our views, everything Allah has created is perfect. The one who Unifies is within the Total.

With my respects.



Seyun Çorak

The Panelists of the Year 1995

The Award Winners of 1995