President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends;

This evening we have gathered under this roof to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our November 1 Events which we are taking into effect with the motto “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”. We Welcome you all, you have Honored us.

Some of All my speeches that I have made Until today May be evaluated as fiction since not all is yet known. This is Very Natural, As it is not easy to Accept the Unknown.

It is Very Difficult to shed light on Humanity that is Enslaved by its own mind. Due to the scarcity of Time, Kozmoz has Prepared This program for the Salvation of our planet centuries ago.

Until today, Humanity that has not Left its Own atmosphere has been trained by way of the Sacred Books revealed by the Celestial Hierarchy.

However, the Knowledge given and the Paths shown to Humanity have caused divisions among Humans through numerous Sects and Taboos instead of Uniting them, this Situation presents the Basis of the Chaos our planet is experiencing Today.

In this life Period the Celestial Hierarchy is Now explaining All Truths to Humanity that has reached macro Consciousness, having started out from micro Consciousness, Everything in All clarity parallel to their Capacities of comprehension.

Kozmoz has now taken the Decision to Unify humanity that will Move with a Free Spirit and Free Awareness in the morrows in a Whole and is constructing new Buildings on top of the Foundations of the Systems of Yesterday.

Our World is therefore living through a Great change at the Moment. Now everyone who has received the Right of Life on our planet is a Missionary with their positive and negative Views. This is a System of Duality.

In this World Salvation and Unification Project the calls for Unification and Acceptance taken into effect are being conveyed to every corner of our planet by way of the Knowledge Book.

Until the Consciousness Level of the World Human Being Grasps and Comprehends the Truth, Selection programs will remain in effect, even though this is not desired.

From within these Chaotic Conditions that our planet will live through, perfect Human Beings will be Chosen One by One and the Sound Foundations of the morrows will be laid with them.

However, since the World human being is Yet Unaware of this Unification program that is forming Silently and profoundly, they are Unconsciously Wasting away their lives.

For this reason, We are Endeavoring to aid the Consciousness progress by disclosing Everything in All clarity.

In the progresses of Time in the morrows Humanity will Personally Witness the Authenticity of the Words being said at the Moment. And the morrows will bring Unexpected Beauties.

With my Love and Respects.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 2019 Opening Speech

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