President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 1996 Opening Speech



Welcome to our panel “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, the second of which we are realizing today. You have Honored us.

I would like to share with you our aim in this Universal Call of ours which We, as the World Brotherhood Union Mevlâna Supreme Foundation, have taken into effect for the first time last year, and which we wish to repeat every year on November 1.

Our studies and our efforts which we carry out on this path are to present to the morrows a World full of Peace and Love setting out on the philosophy of humanity of Mevlâna, hand in hand with all our brothers and sisters of the world with unification spirit, without discriminating in anything, regardless of Race - Religion - Language - Nationality and Beginning - End.

I believe that the thought of everyone who has reached Humanity Consciousness is along the same lines. In no other period has our World needed Love and Peace as much as it does now. No matter which of the Sacred Books we may look at, we will see nothing but perfection in them.

Our Allah did not bestow these books on the human beings in order for them to separate and divide. We all know that. However, some human views who have not yet been able to attain realization of the truth, have shed a shadow on these perfections.

Time is the greatest teacher. And it will teach the human being a lot throughout a lifetime and it will cause him/her to gain a lot. We believe that in the near future humanity will become capable of apologizing to its world by attaining consciousness of the mistakes it has made.

However, humanity which is suffering because of the chaos experienced at the moment in different regions of our world, while falling more and more into crisis with the negative thoughts it is producing, is as yet deprived of the realization up to where the fields of influence of these negative reflections which it has taken into effect will reach.

As we all know, the Ordinance of the Cosmoses - Nature and Life are subject to a law of equilibrium. Thus, as opposed to these negativities, slogans of Friendship - Love - Peace and Brotherhood have started to rise today in many regions of our planet.

As a Totality, we, too, are a group which appropriates to itself this Universal slogan and which is also trying to make a contribution to positive views in the direction of our own views since thirty years.

However, our Totality which appropriates to itself the idea that these calls should be taken into effect no longer individually but as a mass, has arrived at a decision to set out on the path, hand in hand with all our brothers and sisters who share this view.

At this moment, we are happy on behalf of humanity to be gathered here tonight with many of our brothers and sisters who have said yes to this beautiful Unification.

As I have mentioned in my speech last year, We, as the World Brotherhood Union, are decided to proceed with these operations every year, as well as we can, until in the morrows ownership is claimed in every region of our planet of this Universal Call of ours which we take into effect with the slogan “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” by making it attaining Universality like April 23.

In fact this Call for Peace is the Call of our Atatürk. And that Great Genius declared this call of his message to the World for the first time with the words “Peace at Home, Peace in the Universe”. And we are walking on this path as a Totality decided to carry this Noble Heritage we have received from him to the morrows.

Thank you.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 1996 Opening Speech

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