President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 1997 Opening Speech



Our Panel, “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” we have decided to take into effect on November 1 every year, is realizing its 3rd Anniversary this year. Our gratitude towards our Friends who are honoring us with their presence participating at our meetings is infinite. Meanwhile, At this point I owe thanks to all Our Brothers and Sisters who are sucessfully carrying out their Universal Operations within the constitution of the World Brotherhood Foundation and Association following the Footsteps of our ATATÜRK, and who have carried Us to these beautiful days.

The subject of our Panel this year is the Influence of Universal Brotherhood on the Consciousness of the Human Being. Our Planet is experiencing at present the preparations for an age program in which everything will proceed to the most perfect. In the Universal Totality and the Ordinance of the Cosmoses, from the first moment to this moment, all themes dealt with and all wishes are for Unity, Peace and for grasping Totality Consciousness and Unification. However, it is not easy at all to achieve this Totality. When we turn the pages of our history books, we see that it is not easy.

On this path, all Sacred Books have also brought along with them an Evolution Order, while inviting Humanity to Unity and Totality. For, Evolution is the only factor that makes human beings attain Realization and Consciousness. The first step a Consciousness who has Evolved will have to transcend is Love, and then Knowledge. Love is the only key to Unity and Totality Consciousness.

However, Love is not a phenomenon to be formed by thought. True Love is in the Essence. This Love is a divine ecstasy. And it is a Universal Potential. Love which one tries to form through concentration of thought is a means of meditation and it is a conditioned reflex. Once this Energy which has its source in thought has reached saturation, it is doomed to disintegrate. Many a marriage is broken up for this reason. In Love where Essence Totality has been reached, there is no more discrimination. And this river of Love nourishes all creation.

We are carrying out these Universal Operations of ours with the beautiful dreams of a World that will form with such a Totality of Love.

A Human Being is a Universal Potential, a battery, a storehouse of energy and all human beings living on our Planet are influencing one another through vertical and horizontal close plan energy reflections in a positive or negative way, in accordance with their levels of Evolution and Consciousness. Our Planet is experiencing a lot of chaos at the points where these invisible Energy webs intersect.

Since there will be also less of these intersections in the Energy web, if the Evolved Human Being reinforces his/her Positive Reflections in proportion with the Consciousness he/she has attained, the World will experience less chaos, and also, Humanity will enjoy a happier life. What we are trying to do at the moment is to place a brick for the happy World of the Morrows by reflecting Universal Brotherhood Consciousness on Human Consciousnesses.

On our Planet, many Brotherly/Sisterly Focal Points exist, which give Positive service on this path as we do. We have been greeting each other with many of them and our goal is to walk together towards the beautiful World of the Morrows hand in hand by forming a chain of Brotherhood in this way.

In this special Age, which we evaluate as an Age of Mediumship, the truth is now revealed in all clarity and displayed to Humanity in the direction of the Consciousnesses attained. The Evolved Human Being now wants to live and let live in happiness. The moment we no longer have negative thoughts for one another, the Morrows we are awaiting with great hope will move closer. Happiness is the most natural right of the Human Being.

With my respects.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 1997 Opening Speech

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