Our President Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak



Esteemed guests, dear friends, welcome to our universal evening. You have honored us.

The subject of our panel this year is “Proposals about how Love and Peace can be put to application, putting words aside”.

This evening, our Esteemed panelists will shed a light on us in the direction of their valuable views. I would like to express to them my gratitude.

Yes. Love and Peace: we all know by the events experienced in our World and in our Personal lives up to now, it has not been easy to apply to life these two wonderful Words, which are so easy to pronounce for us.

For this reason, our Totality which felt a need for consensus on this subject this year, wished to form and share together with you the Slogan “World Brotherhood Union”. This is why we have come together here.

Love is one of the foundations of the Ordinance of the Cosmoses. And the Human Being and nature are a product of this love. The vibration of love is the essence source of the atomic structure. This beautiful vibration exists in everything. And this is a natural vibration. However, the only factor that brings it out is Evolution.

Love and Peace have now become a slogan for the human being of the world. However, until these words go beyond thoughts, and are integrated with the essence, it will not be possible in any way to put them to application. Every vibration that comes from the essence is Sacred. There is not even the slightest self-interest, expectation in it. The World is an Evolution laboratory. And on this plateau we pass our tests with our thoughts.

Experiences we go through with their good or bad aspects always make us attain realization, and are factors that take us to perfection. Natural Love is pure and clean. In genuine love, there is no expectation at all. There is always giving. To expect something in return for something done, always has its source in thought. At this point there is need for Evolution.

The pure love to be experienced in the World is natural. The Love to be put to application on the other hand is Evolutionary and Universal. We, as the World Brotherhood Union, are a group, which has been following this line since 30 years.

Our Universal slogan is, You shall give without Taking - You shall love without Being Loved - You shall embrace your Enemy. Every being which can unify these three articles with his/her Personality, henceforth is a foundation stone of the beautiful world of the morrows.

With these beautiful foundation stones, we are already trying to form the structure of a world full of Love, that will be the land of Happiness of the morrows. And I believe that everyone who meets under this roof shares the same view, the same thought.

According to my conviction, in the future ahead, the moment we see and understand that our negative thoughts are not defeating us, it will mean that we are henceforth ready to take into effect this action of application on the path of Genuine Love and Peace. Everything has its source in the human being. And it is the human being only who will shape the world on the positive path. As long as the negativities in our thoughts continue, the World is doomed to be a dimension of Evolution and Test.

At this moment, I am calling to You and as a reflection to the entire World. Come, let us cooperate. Let us make Love and Peace go beyond our thoughts and put them into Action. It takes a lot of power and effort to be able to do this. However, there is this potential in the human being. But it is necessary to want it from the essence. If we want to do so, we can get back our wonderful energies, which we have wasted with our negative thoughts, through our essence power. We can use them in a more positive medium.

One day when every human being succeeds in seeing himself/herself with the eyes of Allah, he/she will see the beauties he/she has not seen himself/herself, and has kept hidden away within until today. Then the World will become the livable World desired. And you will create your paradise yourselves. The Human Being is worthy of this.

Thank you.



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