President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 1999 Opening Speech



Honorable Guests, Dear Friends, welcome to the Fifth Symposium of the World Brotherhood Union, you have honored us.

The subject of the panel tonight is “From Yesterday till Today, The Effects of the Cosmic Energies on Human Consciousness in the 20th Century”. I want to explain this subject evaluating it a little differently from the accustomed way.

Those who wish may also evaluate this speech of mine as fiction. But first, I want to make a Scientific explanation of the Cosmic Energies.

What are Cosmic Energies? In our World, the term Cosmic Rays is used for the primitive, that is, (Primary) radiance coming from Space as well as second and third degree radiances formed by the breaking down in the atmosphere. Primary rays enter the atmosphere with the speed of light.

The source of the Cosmic Rays is not yet clearly known by the world science. Their intensity changes during day and night. These rays carry higher frequency than X and γ Rays.

In one Cosmic Ray particle, there is 1015 volt or more energy. This energy has the power to disperse even the biggest atom. Although it is seen impossible for these particles loaded with energy of thousands of Erks to form during the breaking down of matter, these energy particles always exist in space and within the galaxies.

During the breaking down of Cosmic Rays, various energy nuclei are formed. Science separates them into groups according to their mass.

For example, photons are one of them. Photons hold the characteristics of energy and matter together.

I would like to mention the Knowledge Book at this point. This Book has been dictated by a technique called the Light - Photon - Cyclone tecnique which our planet does not know about yet.

The speciality of this technique is that it loads the energy of the time which it is in, on the frequency of letters. In this way, the frequency of the Book never changes no matter which language it is translated into.

The 20th century is a very special age. In this very special age we live in, humanity who has not yet reached the discernment of the events experienced and of the Cosmic Energies, will solve everything scientifically in the morrows.

And when everything will come into effect by way of logic, the doors of the unknowns which are left behind the mist will open.

The Cosmic Energies have been given to our planet from supernatural lives in accordance with the gradation ordinance always and at every period. And humanity has been able to reach its present consciousness by being made to attain Consciousness in this way.

In these Consciousness Progressions that have been taken into effect on our Planet through Individual Progressions until today, humanity has exhibited its products openly only through Art and Philosophy.

The speciality of this final age is the application of the project of awakening humanity as a mass, on our planet. The Cosmic Energies are given to our World from the 10th Dimension and from the left dimension of the Sun by the Mechanism of Influences.

These are not natural energy particles. These energies are reflected on our planet directly according to the resonances of the brain cells, depending on different frequencies. Actually, they are not energy as we know it. And Humanity is able to receive them according to their Evolutionary Consciousness. So, this is the way cosmic energies effect consciousnesses.

In the mass awakenings of this final age, the evolution energies are henceforth given directly and not according to the gradation ordinance, in the program taken into effect at the first stage because of the scarcity of time. And this caused the consciousnesses who are in the same coordinate to get together. And, in this way, every consciousness got organized according to their coordinates. In this way, we got to know humanity better according to the consciousness they exhibited.

Religious organizations came into effect in this way. Focal points of Crime and Violence got organized in this way. Space studies gained speed in this way. In Painting and Music, Artistic awakenings encompassing the Masses came into effect in this way. Humanity who did not really care about the world until today, was stimulated in this way to protect the planet and to deal with the environmental problems. However, at present, our planet is living in a chaos because of the frequency clashes of these different consciousnesses. So, in our Sacred Books, this had been called the Resurrection. And our world is experiencing its resurrection silently and profoundly.

The word Resurrection has been the target of different interpretations until today according to everyone’s consciousness. The Century we live in right now is a century of interpretation and commentary. There is one thing known according to the laws of nature. ”Nothing goes backward”.

For this reason, I believe that, although slowly, everything will embrace the more progressive, the more beautiful in the morrows. However, natural births are never painless. We keep on living being conscious of this. The 20th century has made our planet and humanity gain a lot. We are now bidding farewell to it with our gratitude. And we now know that, from today on, the single voice of our planet is and will be Love, Friendship, Peace and Brotherhood.

With my respects.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 1999 Opening Speech

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