President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2000 Opening Speech



Dear Guests, Esteemed Friends, welcome to you all.

The subject of our panel tonight is “The Calls for Peace – Friendship – Unification Given to the World by World Organizations, Who Serve in the World Evolution Project in the Age of Information”.

For this reason, on behalf of Humanity and the Universes, we owe thanks and Gratitude to our friends who did not turn us down and accepted our Invitation and came from every continent to shed a light on Humanity. I would like to welcome them one more time.

My dear friends, since the year 1900 our entire planet has been taken into a very accelerated evolution and training program. This is proven to be true by the events we experience.

Each century is a cosmic age. However, the Unification Project which has been taken into effect is subject to a process, which will comprise 300 years.

The scales of this process are called System – Ordinance – Order in turn. Our 20th Century is the period of preparation and awakening of our Planet. And this first scale is the System.

The second scale on the other hand, the 21st Century we are living in now, will be a period of application and selection. This program again is called the Ordinance. The third scale, the 22nd Century, on the other hand will come into effect as the Formation and the Foundation and this will be the Order.

With one representative coming from different world organizations, who serve on our Planet on the evolutionary path in the 20th Century, we will share with you tonight some unknowns and the truth.

We now know that our planet is experiencing the preparation program of an Age where in future years everything will proceed to the most perfect. In the Universal Totality and the ordinance of the Cosmoses, nothing is left to its own course.

Therefore, all Operational orders executed on our Planet until today and life are made to depend on chains of Cause and Effect.

This globe we live on which is called the World, with its stones, Earth and all its creation, is a dimension of test.

And it now is an aged World, which has lost its power Materially – Spiritually and Naturally. And henceforth the first responsibility of humanity is the effort to sustain it and to keep it alive.

Otherwise it is facing the danger of ceasing to exist during the progressions of time, together with the entire Totality on it. So, primarily for this reason, it is being proceeded to a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality.

At this moment our World is a universal school. And everbody in this school is responsible for his/her own consciousness, as a free spirit and a free awareness. In this school, there is no room for impositions.

Everybody has to be his/her own Master and Guru by choosing his/her own path himself/herself. This is the program of the Cosmos. We all are pieces of a mosaic at this moment in the World.

These Celestial and beautiful pieces of mosaic have gathered here tonight with Unification Awareness in order to form the paneau of a happy World without wars and full of love. The World has now attained consciousness, and henceforth wishes to put an end to pain, tyranny, and evil.

This is a Transformation. And on this path we are trying to form this truth and the World of tomorrow with positive thoughts. We mentioned that the World is a school.

Each period in this school is equivalent to a Cycle of 26,000 years. And each Cycle comprises one evolution project. Having entered the year 2000, we have completed the program of the 19th Cycle and brought it to a close.

The programs of the next Cycles will take into effect projects which will be more different. The New Age is henceforth taken into effect as an Age of Intellect and Logic, exhibiting the image of the strong and conscious human being.

As I mentioned earlier, the last century of the 19th Cycle project has been taken into effect as the 1900 accelerated evolution program; and by applying a very special program on our planet which had not been applied until today, it has started the Age of Mediumship.

Our Planet which has been prepared on the spiritual path until the 1950s has become the scene of mass awakenings in the second half of the 20th Century. And these days have been reached by setting out on the path with Consciousnesses who have grasped the truth.

However, in accordance with the Law of Equilibrium, the increase of positive thoughts on our Planet has brought about also the increase of negative poles, and for this reason our World has begun to experience a Chaos.

In the Sacred Books, these days we are experiencing were called the Resurrection. And at this moment we are experiencing this Resurrection silently and profoundly. This Age we are experiencing at the moment is the age of the human being who has attained consciousness.

It is well known that perfection and beauty always arise out of chaos. For this reason, if we always look at all negative events experienced from this point of view, there is no reason at all for us to be unhappy.

Our panel “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, the Sixth of which we are taking into effect this year, in fact is not a call from us but a Call from the Skies to Humanity. We are just intermediaries.

At this moment, many friends who serve Humanity in accordance with the law of Service to the Human Being on our Planet have set out on this universal path, having heard the Voice of the Skies within.

Tonight we will have a lot to share with our magnificent friends who have come from every continent of the World, and who serve on this Universal path.

Although the paths we are treading on appear to be separate, we are all working on the same project. And we are walking towards the same goal. The name of this project is service to the SINGLE, to the ONE and to the HUMAN BEING. Through this project, one moves from the path of Religion to Learning, Science and Universality. This is a Unification project; a project of Brotherhood, Friendship, Humanity. And this is a Universal Program.

In this program, there is no Individualism – no Self-interest – no Expectation, there is only Service to Humanity. For this very reason, we all have gathered here under this roof. All this work will be the mortar laid to the foundation of the Happy World State that will be taken into effect in the morrows on the path of globalization.

All who are living in the World are Brothers and Sisters. Religions are programs to train Human Beings. And henceforth the views of a human being who has been trained are Philosophical and Universal. The World State of tomorrow will be founded with the operations these Universal Consciousnesses will take into effect. Then everybody will be respectful to one another, the borders will be abolished, there will be no more enmity and war, and arms will become a thing of the past.

Now, our friends who have come from every continent tonight will share their common goal with us and introduce themselves with a short biography and also their organizations, and they will shed Light on us all with what they wish to do in the morrows. The Morrows are our hope. All together, hand in hand, towards the Beautiful Morrows. I love Everyone and All of You.

Thank you.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2000 Opening Speech

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