President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2001 Opening Speech



Honorable Guests, Dear Friends, Welcome to our traditional evening, which we have been taking into effect with great pride for Seven years, you have honored us.

Our evening “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” is an evening that calls the entire World, humanity to unification, peace and brotherhood without making any discrimination.

For this reason, there are many spiritual organizations on this path in many sections of our planet who think like us and unite under the same aim like us.

And every year on November 1, we invite to Turkey our very valuable friends who shed light to the World by taking into effect this kind of work.

It is our pride and happiness to introduce these Friends of ours to you and to be enlightened by their work.

This year as well, we will share this beautiful evening of ours with our friends coming from the USA, England, Israel and Turkey. I would like to thank these brothers and sisters of ours once more in your presence for not turning us down and for accepting our invitation.

In order to get to know our friends taking part in our Panel more closely, we asked them to share with us the outline of their personal lives first. I presume, learning how they were prepared for this medium will shed light to many friends of ours.

Then they will help a collective consciousness to form by sharing with us the work they have accomplished until today, what they would like to achieve and their views.

The single aim of us all is a World tableau in which there are no Wars, no Religious discrimination, where everyone embraces each other and lives Happily and in Peace.

However, as I have repeated in many of my speeches, our wishes and the actual applications can never go in parallel.

For, the differences of views and evolution among our human brothers and sisters are the hindrances obstructing the realization of this magnificent dream, at this moment.

Why do I say at this moment? Because I believe that in the morrows, everything will be formed by the positive views of the positive thinking human being.

I think that everyone sitting in this hall has a share in forming the beautiful world of the morrows. Otherwise we would not be able to be together tonight.

For, togethernesses are a unity of coordinate and thought. We may not be in unity of thought in every subject. However we are together in our essences. For, essences are positive, and that which brings us into existence is love.

For centuries, always and in every period they existed, mankind has talked and exhibited their wishes and thoughts. And until today, we have always heard the same words. Love – Peace – Brotherhood.

In our World which is experiencing resurrection at this moment, where then is brotherhood? While even those living under the same roof do not embrace each other how could they embrace their World brothers and sisters they do not know?

Thus we who work on this Universal path, are helping the human being to be in Peace with himself/herself and love himself/herself by first melting the hostile feelings within. We are Universal psychologists. There is a saying of Mevlâna spoken 700 years ago. “No matter how much you say, What you have said is as much as the person listening understands.”

Yes, until today, everything was as much as the human being understood. However, henceforth, the human being comprehends a lot parallel to his/her view and is creating chaos with what he/she understands. For this reason, we and World friends who think like us are trying to lay the foundations of a perfect World, amidst this chaos with our positive energies and beautiful thoughts. So, this is our line.

The situation the World is experiencing right now is a Universal mobilization. Centuries ago, it had been announced to us through the Celestial books that these days would come. And now, the World is experiencing its Last Judgement between the two poles as positive and negative. So here, I want to share with you Consciously this World truth which is being experienced.

If we are to consider in cross sections each moment our World which is experiencing a mediamic age since 1900 has gone through, we see that everything has risen and developed gradually from micro to macro. Every moment experienced has brought us to these days according to a program. If humanity could distance their thoughts from the attractions of the World just a little bit, they can very easily evaluate the reason of everything being experienced in a medium of self-criticism.

My only wish is that no shadow be cast upon the beautiful hearts of those who have served on the path of Humanity with their positive thoughts. Otherwise our World might witness scenes it has not deserved. Love is the most magnificent sword that the human being holds in his hand. I believe with all my heart that this magnificent sword will one day abolish all negativities.

Thank you.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2001 Opening Speech

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