President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2002 Opening Speech



Honorable Guests, Dear Friends, welcome to You all, you have honored our Universal Evening.

At this moment, we are celebrating the Eighth year of our Universal Gatherings which we take into effect on the date of November 1 every year, in order to strengthen in the entire World, the Slogan “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” which is an unchanging call of this Last Age.

In my speech made at our first meeting in the year 1995, I had wished earnestly that in the future, the date of November 1 would also be celebrated as a Day of Peace in the entire World, just like April 23rd.

As a matter of fact, we are gradually receiving offers of joint efforts from some World Institutions which know and comprehend the Truth.

The World is moving towards a Totality and Unity. This is the indication of a mass awakening. Henceforth, the human being who has attained Consciousness is expecting a lot from the morrows.

And We as the World Brotherhood Union are revealing and presenting to humanity the morrows with the ”Knowledge Book”. Henceforth we are living in such a period that at this moment maybe only one tenth of the Terrestrial human beings have noticed these beauties displayed.

Actually it is very difficult to explain all this to the Terrestrial human being who is addicted to material things and personal gain only. We know that everyone who has transcended what is habitual and brought into effect a new view has in every period of history experienced very difficult moments with the individual interpretations of those who have not cracked the shell of their Consciousness.

At this moment We, too, as the World Brotherhood Union are subject to the attacks of those Consciousnessess who cannot grasp the truth.

Conservative Consciousnesses who are not open to newness, will very naturally attack Us. But we take no offence. However, the Sun can Never be smeared with Mud. The grasping of the truth is in the morrows.

When we look at every period of history, Humanity, with the Consciousness attained in the time processes, has eventually Honored Highly those they have once ill-treated. And they will keep on doing so.

The World Brotherhood Union never has and never will have anything to do with Politics and Personal gain in the World plan. We are here not to take, but to Give. Everyone who knows us closely knows this anyway.

In our medium, there is no chaos, there are no ulterior motives and negative Thoughts. We only have Tolerance, Love and Forgiveness.

Our earnest wish is that everyone living in chaos reaches such riches of heart and happiness. Since at present our view is not equivalent to the view of the media, We as a Totality have no interest in this sector at the moment.

For this reason, the media is blaming us with avoiding them and they want to sabotage our work with accusations that are parallel to their own views without getting to know us and they are reflecting us as negative to Society. Of course We very naturally are defending our Rights, trusting in the Justice System.

In our World which is experiencing a Chaos, it is in fact a loss of time to occupy oneself with these negative thoughts instead of taking into effect these beauties with positive Thoughts. However history always repeats itself. Our door is open to everyone. There is Honesty and Transparency in our work.

In fact, We have never avoided the media. We have only avoided gossip and unfounded news. However, perhaps in the future when the pair of scales may be equivalent, it should be Known that the closest Friend of the media will be the World Brotherhood Union.

Maybe then we can jointly unfold and introduce to the World the principles of Atatürk: Love, Peace and Brotherhood. However then the media maybe will not be able to make money on “ratings” which are unfounded as they do today, but that money will be replaced with Humaneness, Dignity and Honor.

Only Then will our Atatürk’s Soul rest in peace. For, what he desired was such an Honest and Clean Society.

Our work is also to assist in forming such a Society. And I believe from my heart that the morrows will be like this and I love everyone.

Thank you.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2002 Opening Speech

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