President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2003 Opening Speech



Dear Guests, Dear Friends,

Welcome to this Universal Evening of Ours, you have honored us.

Since 1995, we have been walking on this Universal Path hand in hand with our brothers and sisters who, by sharing the responsibility of the future of the morrows like us, have been serving in the World Establishments that have reached Realization Consciousness. The moment Humanity reaches the Supremity of Consciousness of the magnificent path being walked upon, it will also exhibit the very beautiful World panorama.

At this moment, we are the World Brothers and Sisters who are only trying to accelerate this formation. However, we know that Human Consciousnesses are subject to a Graduation Ordinance. And therefore, doubts and negativities in thoughts do not let the slow-revolving wheel of truth accelerate in any way.

However, I believe the moment we file our negative thoughts with our Universal Consciousness, this Wheel of Truth will be revolved more easily. At this moment, in spite of all the sufferings our World has undergone, it is still a nice World to live in and a happy one. For, it is henceforth under the guarantee of the consciousnesses who understand it and who are able to dress its wounds. For this reason, we never have doubts about the morrows.

Our World is henceforth opening its doors to new horizons. And I suppose humanity that is able to take lessons from all that has been experienced up to now will henceforth be able to seize Universality by transcending Worldly Thoughts. And it is necessary that it seizes it.

As I always say, perfection always comes out of chaos experienced. Chaos is the spark which lights the wick of the candle. The measure of perfection is always measured by making two into one. One cannot swim with a single arm; one cannot walk with a single foot; one cannot fly with a single wing; and one cannot get anywhere with a single Worldly Mind. Therefore, for perfection, it is imperative to seize Universality. Chaos is experienced for this reason.

We need to use both arms in order not to drown in the sea we have fallen into. We need both of our feet in order to run away from a danger. Events we experience in the world file our Worldly Views and help us look at the events we experience through a different window. And in this way they help us gain the ability to bring a Universal view to what we have experienced, by uniting our Mind and Logic.

You, our friends, who are now under this roof, must have gained and improved these Universal Abilities so that we are able to be together tonight. This is a Totality of Consciousness and Coordinate. Otherwise we could never have come together.

I suppose this Magnificent Totality, which set out with 7 people when it was first founded 35 years ago, has exceeded millions, together with all the friends all over the World. These millions may not know one another in person, but I believe from the heart that our hearts beat with the same aim and rhythm.

As our Atatürk said, “We Have Done Great Deeds in Little Time”. We have Transcended Time before it Caught up with Us; we are henceforth a World Family. And at this moment, as the Universal Staff in every section of our Planet, we are trying to prepare collectively, with positive and honest people, the dreams which are without wars, without personal interests, happy, full of love and flowery for the World of the morrows.

In fact, this Program has been in effect for centuries. However, during the formation, a process has been granted for Humanity to be trained. This process covers a time up to the year 2000. The morrows will gain value by coming into effect parallel to the development of Humanity and positive views of Humanity. The Genuine Human Being is the one who has been able to reach the supremity of being able to share a collective consciousness. And I believe we, as the World Brotherhood Union, are a Humane Establishment that has henceforth seized this consciousness.

In the entire World, the aim of our Genuine Human Brothers and Sisters who think as we do is our aim; their endeavor is our endeavor. And the path being walked upon is the Path of Humanity. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful evening with us. I love everything, Everyone and You.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2003 Opening Speech

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