President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2004 Opening Speech



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends,

Thank you for honoring this universal evening of ours. Welcome to you all, you have honored us. This year, we are celebrating with great pride the 10th anniversary of this magnificent universal work, which we have taken into effect with the slogan “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, and which we have been carrying out until today on the path of Friendship – Peace – Brotherhood and World Unification.

On behalf of our Totality we owe gratitude and thanks to our friends from all over the World, who have not left us alone and, with their support, have always given us strength on this Universal path we have been treading for thirty-five years with great self-sacrifice and honor.

This Universal event we have been taking into effect every year on the date of November 1 since the year 1995, is in fact a call of the skies to our World on the path of Peace and Brotherhood.

The ALPHA Magnetic Field, which is at present at the coordinate of our Anatolia, is an operational field directly connected to the Cosmos. And in this last age in many sections of our Planet there are many friends and spiritual focal points who think like us, who share the same purpose as we do, and who serve on the path of Love – Peace – Unification.

The mission of the World Brotherhood Union is to benefit from the knowledge given from the same source to every section and to form a magnetic, positive energy network on our Planet on the path of Peace, by bringing together these universal friends and spiritual focal points every year. Thus, the Universal Evenings of November 1 are taken into effect with this goal in mind.

At the moment the only thing we wish to accomplish is to collectively lay a stone to the foundations of the happy World of the morrows by projecting onto Humane Consciousnesses the Consciousness of Universal Brotherhood and Friendship. As a matter of fact, every being that has received the right to live in this Last Age is a Missionary according to his/her own Consciousness and level of evolution. And every Human Being is being influenced by the Human Being who is in his own coordinate, either positively or negatively.

For this reason a Chaos of Knowledge, Consciousness and Thought is being experienced on our Planet at the moment. And the reason for this is the difference in the views and evolutions of our Human brothers and sisters. However, henceforth, in our World the only thing that is being desired and imagined by everyone who has reached a certain Consciousness level is the Tableau of a happy World without any discrimination of Religion, in which everybody will live without wars and in Peace, embracing one another with Love. We are an organization that is one of the pieces of mosaic in the World, supporting the formation of this happy goal.

I do believe that in a time segment that is not so far away all these pieces of mosaic will come together and we will form together this magnificent World Tableau. At the moment we are trying to get together and are walking hand in hand, with this goal in mind. In the future the Human Being who only thinks positively will be the owner of this beautiful World. My love is for you and for all my brothers and sisters in the World.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2004 Opening Speech

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