President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2010 Opening Speech



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends,

I feel Indebted on behalf of humanity to thank You, our honorable Guests, who are Gathered here under This magnificent Roof to celebrate the 16th of Our evenings of the “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, which we take into effect every year with great Pride. Welcome to All of You; You have Honored us.

The Principal Essence of All the Speeches I have given since the year 1995 Constituted the Efforts to be made in taking the Steps on the path of Friendship – Brotherhood – Peace. The year 2010 has passed as a rather difficult year for our Entire planet. I do Believe that this Year as a turning point has made us gain much.

Since the Beginning of the Twentieth Century in all Sectors of our World, Seeds of Friendship – Brotherhood – Peace have been sown. A great many of our Brothers and Sisters have gotten their share from these Seeds that were Sown. Our Heart’s desire would have been that All Humanity could have gotten their share. However, we are of those who Know that this is impossible because of the Duality that is experienced on our Planet which is a Dimension of Tests.

The Human Being is the Only Being amongst All Living Beings in Nature that has attained the Macro Consciousness level. And in order for a Human Being to be able to become a Genuine Human Being, it is Imperative that he/she transcends many obstacles on the life platform he/she has to tread.

The Human Being is Always in need of the Human Being. For, the Human Being Complements his/her Spiritual Culture and his/her Evolution with the Human Being. This is a Law of Nature and this law is valid for All Living Beings. Unless a Human Being departs from Individuality, he/she will never be able to become Social. And If he/she is not able to become Social, he/she will never be able to get hold of Collective Consciousness.

During and after the 21st Century, the Single Slogan of Humanity will henceforth be Acceptance, Sharing and attaining Collective Consciousness. The Dough of the Human Being has been kneaded with Love. However, he/she Only Loves the One who Loves him/her. This fact is valid only for those Consciousnesses who have Remained in Individuality.

The One Who Possesses Collective Consciousness Loves Everything the Creator has created and he/she Accepts everything, Good or Bad. And he/she Shares his/her Morsel. Henceforth, our World will Accept under its Roof those who have attained this Consciousness. For this reason, although it is not desired, the Difficulties to be experienced will Carry Humanity onto this platform.

So, for this reason, We, as the World Brotherhood Union, are walking hand in hand with All our Brothers and Sisters in the World who share the same Consciousness, by Serving on This path for 45 years; and we are Trying to form collectively the Beauties that will come to be in the morrows.

In the morrows, our World will be a Paradise of Human Beings who Embrace and Love One Another. This will not be a Dream but Reality. For, Water that leaves its Source will not ever Flow Back. It will flow on and on until one day it Reaches the Sea. We, too, will reach the Sea. I do believe in this from the Bottom of my Heart.

I Love Everything and Everyone that exist. May all Beauties and Joys be Yours. My Respects and Gratitude.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2010 Opening Speech

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