President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2014 Opening Speech



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends,

You have honored us this evening, on the 20th Anniversary of the Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood, I bid you all welcome.

Before writing this speech, I looked through All my Speeches that I have taken into effect on each evening of November 1 for 20 years, I saw that All the messages to be Given to the World has already been Given. The Knowledge to be Given after this is Knowledge still Unknown to Many Parts of the World.

According to My view, Elaborating on this Knowledge is nothing other than a Loss of Time. Therefore I wished to share some Knowledge briefly and Essentially with You here this evening.

As I think many People also know, our Planet, together with its Totality, is gradually being pulled towards the center by the magnetic Power of the Great Explosion which we call the Big Bang.

The Photon Rings formed by this explosion become smaller in size and more intensive in Energy as they approach the center, and time also runs shorter. It is this Period that our World is living through at This Moment.

If the Information we have heard is correct, Japanese Scientists have determined that the 24-hour Time Segment currently corresponds to 12 hours. What we do Know, however, is that no matter how much we Run, we cannot catch up with Time.

Although it is still largely unknown, the World is a school of Kozmoz and this here is a Dimension of Test. Since the day it came into existence, our planet is being governed by a Celestial Hierarchy.

Since Kozmoz has unraveled this Knowledge parallel to Public Consciousness until today through the Sacred Books, Humanity has been Conditioned in this Direction.

Now, as Kozmoz is explaining this Knowledge as regards to the humans who have attained Consciousness, people are considering this ancient Knowledge to be new Knowledge. Therefore, we tend to think twice before we speak.

According to the Mutation program, the human Brain, which has reached macro Consciousness from micro Consciousness through progressions of Time, is at this Moment considered to be equivalent to a functioning fully parallel to the ordinance of Cosmoses.

Therefore, on the grounds that the World Cannot Offer Anything to These Macro Consciousnesses Anymore, Kozmoz has prepared a Program for humanity under the name Salvation.

Since the Mutation program also ends in accordance with this program, Kozmoz does not wish for the human Brain to Rot away in the Soil anymore, and instead wishes to take the human to Other Dimensions with his/her Present Bodily Whole without Harming his/her Atomic structure in order to continue his/her education there.

For this reason, a Program of Accelerated Evolution has been initiated on our Planet since the year 1900. At the Moment, Kozmoz is Making a Great Effort to Remove the Law of Evolution and the Decree of Death from our Planet by the beginning of the 23rd Century.

Since it is necessary for humanity to first Complete their Evolutions and Finalize their Karmas to be able to enter such a program, the GAMMA Program has directly come into effect for Selection.

As each human puts on Display his/her yet hidden Personalities through the Influence of the Cosmic Energies, our Planet is living through a Chaos at The moment.

The Sacred Books have called this Period the RESURRECTION. Currently the Gamma Energy is Carrying out a Great Scanning on Institutions, family environments and all lives on our entire Planet.

Genuine humans among humans are being selected one by one and separate Programs are being implemented for everyone in accordance with their Consciousness Levels.

At the moment our Planet is coursing through Numerous Influence Zones. These Energies render positive Consciousnesses more positive and negative Consciousnesses more negative.

This is the Scene our Planet is currently living through. However, from within all this Chaos, in the morrows perfections will come into effect. Happinesses lie in the Morrows.

With my regards and love, thank you all.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving her 2014 Opening Speech

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