President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 2015 Opening Speech



Esteemed Friends, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This evening we are Gathered to celebrate the 21st Year of our program “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, which we took into Effect twenty years ago. It is the Greatest Pride and joy of us and humanity to be with you, our special Friends who have attained this Universal Consciousness. Welcome, you have Honored us.

In order to Refresh our Knowledge, I would like to take into Effect once more on this evening a Knowledge which I always take into Effect in many of my Speeches. In this Period that we are living through, our World is experiencing the “Third World War” foretold in the Prophecies of Nostradamus in a different manner, country by country.

According to the most recent statistics, currently only 11 countries on our Planet are free of internal Chaos. All other countries are living through their own hell in all Fields.

The World is a Whole and belongs to us all, together with Nature and All Creation that lives upon it. It is not under the Monopoly of Anyone. At the moment, Humanity is being tested with this Progression. It is a Fact Imperative for the Morrows and the Future that Humanity reach the awareness of Unification and Peace in this last Period.

I believe Many People now Know that in this Last Age, our aged World has entered a much Accelerated Evolution Zone, together with All creation that live upon it.

Unfortunately, while the Cosmic Energies that are currently showering our entire planet relay the Evolved and Conscious Human to a much more positive Consciousness, they also Impact Consciousnesses who have not Yet Completed their Evolution in a much negative manner and thus cause our planet to experience Chaos.

At the moment, our World is exhibiting a tableau where the Good and the Bad are Living together. And this is called MAHŞER (Judgment Day). Here, “Mah” means “Beauty” and “Şer” means “Ugliness”.

Our World which currently stands in the middle of a Great Change is Witnessing undesired Events as a Result of these Changes. This period that we are living through was Revealed to Us in the Sacred Books as the RESURRECTION.

We are henceforth Conscious of the fact that All Chaos and Distress currently being Experienced are a tool for Humanity to achieve perfection. All these events being experienced are the Birth Pains of the morrows. And the humans who have Changed in Time through All this being Experienced are not the humans of Old.

Humanity, living through a Chaos of Awareness and Evolution on this path, is making an Investment into and preparing for the GOLDEN AGE of the Morrows.

In the studies that are being carried out at the moment, having no Ulterior motives, Good Will, believing in something from the Essence, becoming Integrated through Love, not Discriminating people and Endeavoring on this path will Ensure that our planet reaches a Global Consciousness in the future years. This is an Unchanging Rule and Key to the Future.

In this Period of Resurrection, Humans are being tested with Humans and the Wheat is being separated from the Chaff. The first Stage of the test of Humanity is Acceptance, Socialization, Solidarity and Mutual Aid.

At the moment, in case humanity can step Out of their Worldly and Individual Thoughts in Everything that is done and every Step that is taken, they will never be impacted by the negativities of these Difficult Circumstances being experienced and will live their World in Comfort.

All who have achieved such a Consciousness are no longer answerable only to themselves. For, they are henceforth each a World Citizen. They are answerable to the society and Responsible for Humanity.

Setting out from this very View, it is Endeavored that everyone Socializes and attains the Consciousness of Brotherhood. The World Brotherhood Roof is a World Unification Roof. And the Genuine human is one who can Share a Consciousness.

I Love You and Everyone and Embrace you from the Heart.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 2015 Opening Speech

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