President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 2017 Opening Speech



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends;

Welcome to our evening of “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood” which we are Celebrating for the 23th time today. You have honored us.

Tonight I would like to Speak to you a Little bit about Our World which has currently lost its Love and compassion.

We know that the Human Being Completes his/her Evolution through the experiences he/she gains by living them through. Evolution is the Only key that opens the door of Conscience. The notion of Compassion only Exists in Subtle Consciences.

As a Human Evolves, his/her Conscience also grows more subtle. One should never Confuse Love with Compassion. Not every Loving Human Being necessarily Feels Compassion.

In Consciences that have not grown Subtle the feeling of compassion does not exist but the feeling of Love does Exist. This Love is a kind of Love that is Connected to the Ego. In All kinds of Love other than the love of a Mother, love of Nature and of Animals, there is a Feeling of Satisfaction and self-benefit that is Dominant. Even to give a Person a Present is nothing other than Self-Satisfaction and exploiting that Other person’s Love.

Genuine Love comes into effect only after the Conscience has grown Subtle. Subtle Consciences are Consciences that Ache. There, only compassion Exists. This compassion goes Together with Genuine Love. It is these fine feelings that distinguish Human Beings from One Another.

In Consciences that have not grown Subtle and are Rigid, the feeling of Selfishness and the Frequency of mercilessness stand in the foreground. The more callous the conscience grows, the more Mercilessness also increases. So, this is what All the negativities our World experiences today Originate from.

The first Law of Evolution is to Love the Human Being. And the first path to this is to Love Animals. This is why it is said “He/she who Loves Animals is a Genuine Human Being”.

Actually, Life in the World is Very pleasurable. It is very difficult for the Human Beings to Escape this Strong Vortex. However, this is a trap; because this here is a Dimension of tests.

The World Life is a game of Chess. In this Game, it is Always the Human Being who Loses by being Check-mated.

The World Life is Subject to a Universal Law and Constitution. Here, the Law of Nature is Valid. In this life Tableau, the Greater always Gains supremacy over the Smaller.

Therefore, from our first Existence until Today, Kozmoz has taken into effect numerous Rituals and programs in order for Social Consciousnesses to be able to Grow Strong and reach a certain Level of Consciousness.

It is for this reason that Kozmoz has revealed the Celestial Hierarchy, the Sacred Books and the Laws of Evolution to the World. The reason for All these Celestial Efforts that are made are Applications Mandatory to be taken into Effect in order for the Oppressed to Gain Strength and Achieve Perfection.

All Disappointments being experienced at the moment are programs that were made to Carry the Human Being to a higher Consciousness. Kozmoz does not want Anything to cease to exist. For, even the tiniest Energy is a Breath of Kozmoz.

None of us have reached our current Consciousness and Personality within this Life Period of ours. Differences in Social Views are issues that are related to the Plenitude or Scantiness of the Rings of Reincarnation.

Our World is Still Debating the issue of Reincarnation. In fact, the Knowledge of Reincarnation is a program that unfolds parallel to the Consciousness Levels of the Beings. Only those who can Transcend this Boundary and Achieve Universal Consciousness can Comprehend and Accept Reincarnation.

Each event that we experience, each Breath that we Take, is subject to a program. However, Many of the Human Consciousnesses that are Present in the Dimension of Veiled Consciousness are yet in an Effort to Live without even Knowing the Reason for their Existence.

All the Evolution programs that Kozmoz has taken into Effect Until Today have been Transferred to a Different platform due to the Position of our World. And this is called the Salvation Project.

Now the Celestial Hierarchy is taking the Laws of Evolution into Effect parallel to the Consciousness of Every Society.

According to this, the Evolution Scales are finding field of Application through natural Disasters for Societies that have Achieved Consciousness but are Strong in their Dependence for Worldly Material wealth. However, for Human Societies that have not Achieved Consciousness, programs of Attaining through Experience are in Effect.

With these programs, the Human Consciousness Connects with the Consciousness of Logic through the mechanism of cognizance and thus Completes its Evolution.

At the moment, Humanity is on the Eve of a Selection. And our World is now Living Through the Period of Resurrection Mentioned in the Sacred Books. However, since Humanity is taking the Event of Resurrection into Effect according to their own Level of Consciousness, they are Not Aware of Anything. At the moment, This is the Tableau of our World.

Hoping to see Better Days, My Love and Regards.



President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak Giving Her 2017 Opening Speech

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