President Mrs. Vedia Bülent (Önsü) Çorak



Esteemed Guests, Dear Friends;

We welcome you All to this universal evening of ours of the program “Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood”, the 24th of which we are Celebrating this Year.

With my speeches I have delivered until today I believe I have shared with You the summaries of the Knowledge Kozmoz has given to the World Planet. Tonight, on the other hand, I would like to explain to you the Situation of Turkey, and to share with you its Position in the World as seen from a different aspect. However, I Believe it will be more accurate to get to the point of This Subject by explaining the Cycle Programs.

As we know, each Cycle is a Tour of 26.000 years. It has taken 19 Cycles for a Human Consciousness to reach Macro Consciousness from micro Consciousness. The Last 6000-year program of every Cycle takes into effect a program of Application. At present the Last 6000-year program of the 19th Cycle has Come to an End in the year 2000.

The Last 6000-year program of the 19th Cycle has been divided into 3 categories, as programs of 2000 years each. Since in the First 2000-year program the ALPHA Channel was above Tibet, a meditation program of 2000 years was Applied Here.

As we know, the Alfa Channel is the Single Channel from which All the Sacred Books Bestowed upon your Planet by the Celestial Hierarchy have been revealed. This Channel is constant; however it shifts in accordance with the Rotational interval of our World. Kozmoz calls this meditation program of 2000 years the First Order of ALLAH.

Genuine Love comes into effect only after the Conscience has grown Subtle. Subtle Consciences are Consciences that Ache. There, only compassion Exists. This compassion goes Together with Genuine Love. It is these fine feelings that distinguish Human Beings from One Another.

Within these 2000 years the Alpha Channel Shifted onto the pyramids and the Nile Area. Here MOSES brought into effect his program of 2000 years. And Kozmoz calls this the 2nd Order of ALLAH.

Within this Period of 2000 years the Alpha Cannel shifted towards the central Arabian peninsula. And JESUS Started his program of 2000 years, along with the Christian Calendar, in Jerusalem. There are two Periods in the program of Jesus. Since the Alpha Channel shifted onto Mecca after 500 years MOHAMMED brought into Effect the Koran in the Year 621. This program is Introduced to humanity with JESUS as Love, MOHAMMED as Knowledge And Kozmoz calls this the 3rd Order of Allah.

In the Last 2000-year program of the 19th Cycle the Alpha has shifted eastwards and at Present has come onto Anatolia. The ALPHA Channel will Now Remain above Anatolia for 2000 years as of the 21st Century. And Kozmoz calls This the 4th Order of Allah.

The Foundation of the World State will be laid within This Period. What is being experienced at present are the Labor Pains of the morrows. And Kozmoz has taken Turkey into effect as A Missionary Country due to its Present Position. And for this reason the Knowledge Book was dictated in Anatolia.

Atatürk is the first Universal Leader who cut the ribbon on This Program. For this reason Atatürk is the Leader not Only of Turkey but of the Entire World.

In our World which is Subject to a Period of change at present, everybody is a missionary in accordance with his/her Own Caliber. All State Leaders who bring forth their opinions with different alternatives About the World experiencing difficult conditions at present are Missionaries as well. This is a Universal Program. And our World is going through its Baccalaureate Exam of the Last Period.

Knowing All this, I believe it will be happiness for humanity to Wait in tranquility and with Patience for the Outcome without going into panic in the face of all the negativities being experienced. The World State of the Morrows will be formed through the perfections that lie within This Chaos.

Whatever is to be experienced will be experienced. However, unforeseen beauties will come into effect in the morrows.

My Love and Regards.



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